Lots of Prizes for our Organically Grown Veges & Fruit

For the last few years we have entered our best quality fruit and vegetables grown at the community garden in the Moss Vale Agricultural Show This year we entered 29 exhibits in the pavilion and won 22 prizes, including the sash for most successful exhibitor in the Fruit category.

Look at all those winning entries!
Look at all those winning entries!

It’s a fun thing to get involved with and, we think, an important tradition to support.  Hopefully, over the coming years we will see more locals getting back to growing veges and fruit in their own backyards and entering them in the local agricultural shows.  They used to engender lots of hot competition between regular exhibitors (the biggest pumpkin or the best compost) which can only lead to improved quality of food crops exhibited.  The thrill of seeing a blue ribbon attached to your exhibit is not to be underestimated!

Moss Vale Community Garden will be there again next year, hoping for lots of prizes and also hoping that the pavilion tables will be spilling over with impressive specimens of locally produced fruit & veges of all shapes and sizes.

It’s a great activity for all the family!Basket of Organic Show Veges  Everyone, all ages, can get involved!

Our basket of six distinctly different types of vegetables.