MVCG & the 2014 CamelBak Highland Fling Sustainability Challenge

Over the past couple of years, Bundanoon Community Garden has been separating out the compostable waste from the annual mountain bike rally (the Highland Fling) and taking it back to their community garden to turn into compost. This year, they were unable to do it, so Moss Vale Community Garden was asked if we would take on the challenge.
A community garden has a great need for lots Lots of bike riders means lots of compostable wasteof compost to feed the soil micro-organisms to replace the inorganic fertilizers that are generally used in the growing of veges and fruit. Following the principles of Permaculture, we prefer to use loca, organic sources of soil food so with the area we garden, the demand for compost is huge.
Whilst half of our team was at theOur team was at the ArtFeast Berrima market Jo, Kathi, Mevagh, Charlie and Ian ArtFeast Berrima market (Jo, Kathi, Mevagh, Charlie and Ian) the other half were at Bundanoon, sorting out the compostables from the recyclables (glass, plastic, etc) and from the non-reclaimable material that goes into landfill as pollution.
It was a warm day and everyone was enjoying themselves – apart from those keen souls who rode 100kms in the cycle race and came back looking dusty and tired. Lots of great material that will make nutritious compost
The Community Gardeners have already layered this compostable waste along with masses of coffee grounds from Il Pranzo coffee shop, some cow poo from the saleyards and spent garden plants at the end of their growing cycle into a compost pile which will become part of the next cycle of fertility with a little help from our worms.

Nov 2014