The Container Arrives.

It is almost two years since our major break-in at the Community Garden when everything of value was loaded into our trailer and driven away by unscrupulous people with no social conscience.
We looked for a solution to our problem of theft as we were finding it disheartening to have to replace tools and equipmThe container arrives on the truckent every time someone jemmied open our sheds. Fortunately, we have some very generous people in our community who anonymously donated replacement equipment like mowers and tools. Anxious not to lose the next generation of garden implements, we applied successfully to Council via a development application to install a shipping container with lockbox and commenced applying for grants to cover the cost.
To our great joy, Councillor Holly Campbell approached some former colleagues by the names of Bill and Kevin Malouf about donating a second-hand container and they generously agreed. Will Carpenter, of Bowral Removals and Storage, kindly donated his time, energy and two trucks to transporting the container from Botany and then siting it on the purpose-built pillars.
On Tuesday 28th October 2014, I got a call from Will Carpenter of Bowral Removals and Storage to say that the donated container would be arriving the following day – and it did. At around 8pm the container arrived in the dark on the back of one of Will’s trucks, and over the The container is lifted into placenext couple of hours, was carefully placed on the pillars by crane using a second truck and two of Will’s sidekicks. It was fascinating to watch, by the light of the Wednesday evening social tennis.
The container is going to be clad over the following months and a pergola added on the northern side to make a useful addition to our secure infrastructure. In time we hope the roof will support some solar panels designed to supply us with all of the energy required by the Community Garden.
We are indebted to Holly Campbell, Kevin and Bill Malouf and Will Carpenter for their great generosity in supplying and installing our new “shed”. In early 2015 we hope to celebrate with a launch of the fully-clad article and will invite our community-spirited benefactors to join us.