We have some very exciting news.
We are soon to have power on site – but not just power, solar power from the universe! And not just solar power, but off-grid battery power, the first such project for C.O.R.E.N.A. in partnership with our local climate action group, CANWin . Citizens’ Own Renewable Energy Network Australia (C.O.R.E.N.A.) is a non-government organisation which has a revolving fund to help community organisations like us with an interest-free loan to fund our solar panels, inverter and batteries.

Crowd funding allows not just our local community, but all Australians to donate to the project to help pay it off. Once fully paid for, donations go towards funding the next C.O.R.E.N.A. community energy project. We are community energy project No.8. We hope that you, as part of our local community, will support this project and help us set up renewable energy at Moss Vale Community Garden to allow us to further develop our sustainable living program.

Our off-grid system will be a showcase for other individuals and groups who are thinking of going solar and would like to see a working model. Manuel Cilia of Cilectric is kindly donating his time to installing the system he designed for us – such a magnanimous gesture! We are planning to run some info days and workshops about off-grid solar in 2016. So if you feel you would like to chip in to help crowd fund this Moss Vale Community Garden solar system, please click the link below


We thank you for your donation.

Kind regards

Jill Cockram

Coordinator, Moss Vale Community Garde