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Our Wheelbarrow Float – NSW Bush Week Parade 2014

Lots of our regulars at Moss Vale Community Garden turned up to walk behind our wheelbarrow float in the NSW Bush Week Parade 2014.  We gathered in Leighton Gardens with our barrow loaded with seasonal veges and fruit along with the potted dwarf apple tree we grafted last year.  Polly Wolly, our sulky doll, upstaged the proceedings as usual.

Nikki, Dini, Jo and Dennis with our float awaiting the start of the Parade up Argyle St.
Nikki, Dini, Jo and Dennis with our float awaiting the start of the Parade.








At 2pm, along with all of the other floats and parade groups we headed up Argyle Street towards the Moss Vale Showgrounds.  Onlookers lined the streets showing their appreciation as the groups passed.  It was good fun and the weather was great for a parade as well as for the Agricultural Show.

Ed wheeling our float full of organic veges & fruit on the Bush Week Parade in Moss Vale - March 2014
Ed wheeling our float full of organic veges & fruit on the Bush Week Parade in Moss Vale – March 2014

Lots of Prizes for our Organically Grown Veges & Fruit

For the last few years we have entered our best quality fruit and vegetables grown at the community garden in the Moss Vale Agricultural Show This year we entered 29 exhibits in the pavilion and won 22 prizes, including the sash for most successful exhibitor in the Fruit category.

Look at all those winning entries!
Look at all those winning entries!

It’s a fun thing to get involved with and, we think, an important tradition to support.  Hopefully, over the coming years we will see more locals getting back to growing veges and fruit in their own backyards and entering them in the local agricultural shows.  They used to engender lots of hot competition between regular exhibitors (the biggest pumpkin or the best compost) which can only lead to improved quality of food crops exhibited.  The thrill of seeing a blue ribbon attached to your exhibit is not to be underestimated!

Moss Vale Community Garden will be there again next year, hoping for lots of prizes and also hoping that the pavilion tables will be spilling over with impressive specimens of locally produced fruit & veges of all shapes and sizes.

It’s a great activity for all the family!Basket of Organic Show Veges  Everyone, all ages, can get involved!

Our basket of six distinctly different types of vegetables.


We would like to invite you to our annual Winter Solstice Open Day and Celebration on Sunday 23rd June, 2013.

Celebrating with our wood-fired oven.
Celebrating with our wood-fired oven.

We will commence at 10.30am with a welcome cup of something hot, followed at 11.00am by a demonstration of winter pruning of fruit trees.  This will include plums, peaches, apples and cherries.

At 12.00 noon we will see how to train fruit trees as espaliers.  We will demonstrate on our wall of heritage apples along the tennis court fence.  Given enough time, we will also turn in a green manure crop to increase soil organic matter.

By 1.00pm we will be eating locally-grown roast beef and vegetables out of our pizza oven.  Grow Local!!!

Entry will be by gold coin donation which will get you two hours  demonstration of pruning and training of fruit trees.

And if you would like to stay on for lunch ……


              Roast from the wood-fired oven

                 Community Garden Members – No charge

                 Non members – $7ea   Children: $4

New long garden beds

A small team spent a May morning building four new long, raised garden beds in the Centre Zone.